Silver Lining 

I came home from my emotional trip to Tahoe, and the broken wrist ordeal, to meet up with my college friend, and now Ocean SF colleague, Debra. 

To be clear, Deb and I never fail to have a ton of fun together. This has been the case since we met in the Buxton hallway at Oregon State, just days into our freshman year.

Smart, beautiful and outgoing, she had me at hello then, and out on the town every night  when we’re together, since.  We’ve been everywhere since she arrived last week and there hasn’t been one dull moment. 

Recently, I’ve been a bit reclusive, so this is the best medicine for returning me to my natural state of happiness and equilibrium. 

These last months have been difficult, but as I near the anniversary of the first year, I am feeling more like myself, even believing I have deepened my wisdom and grown stronger, and that this isn’t just something people say. 

Having Debra here, on our first Fathers Day, and having her to sit in church with me and the kids is a big plus. 

I know there is a silver lining to all of this, and it will eventually be revealed, but until then, I am thankful for my children, my bee hive, my wonderful gardener appropriately named Jesus, my wrist that will eventually heal, and friends that last a lifetime.

Love and blessings. 

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