So Jealous 

When I was growing up, friends and family members were always pulling the jealousy card. In my opinion, it was not always a case of jealousy, they were sometimes simply rude and unlikable. 

I’ve taught my daughters not to pull the jealousy card.  And to make sure that they demonstrate integrity and fairness in their dealings with other people.  After all, there are many talented and beautiful people in the world, but kindness is a rarity and goodness worth the effort it takes to cultivate. 

I’m not a jealous person, the only thing I have been jealous of was the parents of other people. I’ve been known to become friends with, and seek out, the mothers of my friends. If there’s a party, you will find me chatting it up with the generation of my own late mother.

“It’s a whole lot harder to shine, than undermine.”  

That’s a line from a song. And it runs through my mind often as I make my way along this path. 

Love and blessings. 

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