College Move In 

Me & Paris

Move in was scheduled for 8:30-11:00 a.m. As a former Director of Marketing, who was often called on to organize such events, I knew they didn’t mean this literally. We had been happily tucked away over the weekend in Newport Beach hanging out at the Yacht Club, inviting friends to lunch, going to the beach and picking up a few things at Fashion Island, so I was in no rush to leave. Plus, as a mother, I insisted on making breakfast that morning, turning out my daughter’s favorite omelette on a cast iron skillet.  This was the last meal I would make her for a while, and I wanted to remember it.

I couldn’t help, but watch her every motion with love, as she ate. I could now finally understand how my in-laws could literally watch my late husband breathe for hours on end. This is why I never judge other people, as I later find myself walking in their shoes. 

We arrived at 10:45 a.m. It was almost 100 degrees outside the dorm as we sat in our car in line. It had been much busier earlier on, we were told, but there was still a line.  

Austin, Paris’ kind boyfriend, and Paris did much of the heavy lifting; running everything up the stairs and into her room, which was strategically placed in the furtherest possible corner from the entrance. As inconvenient as this was, I immediately thought, this will be a quiet room, and she will sleep well.  

We met her lovely roommate and her parents. I busied myself unpacking and Paris and Austin carried everything up. Sandy was on her way with the sheets, pillows and comforter. Since she drove to our doorstep to deliver them, I went downstairs and met her when she arrived. 

Everything fit perfectly, we went to lunch, and then each ran off in different directions for the orientation. I met so many people. It was interesting that even though the students came from far away, in one case Philadelphia, even the step parents came. It was surprising to meet one boy with his four parents, but I met several sets of them. It was a bit sad to be there alone, but I know this will not always be the case, and it was nice that Austin had the day off from basketball training to be with us. 

It’s a relief to have her settled, and be able to turn my attention back to Ocean SF, and my other projects. 

Love and blessings to all. 

Paris & Austin

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