Holiday Travel Tips for Mother-Daughter Trips

Mona Lisa – North Beach

This time last year we were at our house in Truckee skiing. It was the first time my daughter Siena had skied since she tore her ACL playing soccer four years ago. Luckily after some initial apprehension it was like riding a bicycle and she had me out all day in a snow storm. Skiing together is definitely one of our favorite things to do together. But that was last year which feels like ten years ago because so much has changed.

A year ago we were skiing, doing puzzles, watching movies, and hosting friends at our cabin. This year we are in the city and it will be much different. We are going to spend some time strolling through museums, going to restaurants, and peering into shops and bookstores in North Beach. We will definitely be making another stop at Mona Lisa for pizza.

We will also be getting out of the city. When traveling with daughters it’s important to let them choose the music. As I’ve written before you can tell their state of mind by the music they choose. On a recent trip to Half Moon Bay with my younger daughter Siena all of the music was happy and reflects where she is in her life as a college senior graduating in June. She has a bunch of great friends and everything that goes with that. Not only did I let her choose the music I let her drive. Even though I was a bit nervous I kept telling her she was a great driver. I do this often in the hope that eventually this will be entirely true.

On this trip to Half Moon Bay we took a picnic, or a more like a picnic snack of fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, and toasted almonds. It’s much more relaxed when you bring food to share and don’t have to rush off for meals. We took a walk on the beach and then sat and watched the waves crash against the shore for a few hours and then went to lunch. I cannot describe how relaxing this was after such an incredibly busy six months. And, it is so close to San Francisco. We were there in 35 minutes. As I’ve said before to truly connect with daughters you have to remove the distractions and these quick trips have few variables so the stress of schedules and flying are removed. I have taken two airplane trips recently and found my travel days very stressful, so a quick road trip was refreshing and fun.

Half Moon Bay

Tomorrow the three of us are going to Napa. What we are going to do there is still unclear, but I will keep you posted on how that trip goes, where we go and what we do. One thing is certain when we are together it is always a celebration.

Love and blessings.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Travel Tips for Mother-Daughter Trips

  1. Love this! Nothing more precious than time with our girls:) Blessings and Merry Christmas to you and your girls!

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    1. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you as well!

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