Sydney has written and published three books. You can read more about her titles on her on Amazon’s Author Page by clicking  here.

Love & Blessings, Grief & The Hero’s Journey – This is a memoir of the 12 months following the sudden death of her husband in the prime of life. She writes about transformation and the positive aspects of grief and counting your blessings. You can read it for free on Kindle Unlimited or buy it on Amazon for $9.99. Click here to buy.Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 2.17.26 PM

Nine – A collection of short stories about growing up on a farm and horse ranch in rural Oregon among other stories of living in San Fransisco and married life. This is my little jewel box of my favorite stories that I have written over the years. It is for sale on Amazon for $9.99.  Click here to buy.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.37.16 AM

Real Food for Real People – A family cookbook full of easy recipes and stories about raising her two daughters in the San Francisco Bay Area and cooking for both family and friends. It is for sale on Amazon for $7.99 or read it for free on Kindle Unlimited.  Click here to buy.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.27.53 AM

2 thoughts on “Books

  1. This is awesome Sydney…but I do love the title Easy Meals for Drunk Moms. LOL


    1. Thank you. Everyone thinks that title is really funny.


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