Divorce, Death & Moving On

I try not to be too controversial in my writing. As a person I believe in the adage there are two sides to every story and live and let live.

A few friends of mine have been going through some nasty divorces. I’ve been told the stay-at-home mom is a dinosaur. I look back at my years as a stay-at-home mother and not with fondness.

My friends with glamorous and lucrative careers often called on me for help. I was happy to help, but as the years wore on the fact that I had given up a consulting career worth ten times minimum wage was forgotten by all. I was told by my said friends that getting a job would boost my self esteem.

None of this was expected or welcome. I’ve been on both ends of this coin, so I understand quite clearly what the issues are. Being a working mother is difficult, but being the unpaid and disrespected helpmate for other women is no better.

There is more to say on this topic, but I must confess a close friend of mine told me that my being a stay-at-home mother was a waste of my life. Obviously, I disagree. All one has to do is meet my daughters to see my point of view. My daughters will tell you differently. They will tell you everything.

More on divorce later…

Love and blessings to all.

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