Leadership Development

Tomoe Gozen – Japanese Samurai Warrior

I’ve been teaching at UC Berkeley for the past seven years. I started teaching marketing, and in early 2020 I was asked to teach leadership and was given six months to prepare. I read everything I could get my hands on regarding creating great leaders from Alexander the Great to Elon Musk. I also spent days researching Queen Elizabeth I who brought England into the Golden Age and the Japanese Female Samurai Warriors who would ride into battle wearing their silk kimonos and tied the heads of their enemies to the mane of their horses. I love teaching college, and doing small classes and one on one sessions to teach people to step into their power. I am able to call on my 20 years of corporate marketing and tech start up leadership experience, and another five years of experience working on my own company Ocean SF.

I will be teaching Effective Leadership and Management this summer and in the fall I will be teaching Essentials of Business. I am available to coach teams of executives, and provide one on one mentoring and coaching for professionals. I also work with kids and am available to speak to groups. Please contact me at sydney@oceansf.co for more information.

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