Thank you to the thousands of readers from over 72 countries who come here to read my work. I am passionate about developing strong and resilient leaders through the classes I teach at UC Berkeley, my ethical and sustainable sailing apparel brand Ocean SF and the trajectory of my own life. I lead with a bias for action by modeling a vision for the future, and inspiring and encouraging others.

When my husband died suddenly of a massive and fatal heart attack in the middle of raising our daughters I was able to overcome the many obstacles that faced me.

“Courage cannot be attained without experiences that require us to call on our strength. This is how we learn fearlessness. Circumstances that require courage allow us to learn and grow as we test our own inner strength.”

Today, I am the founder of Ocean SF a sustainable sailing apparel brand, now a “C” corporation. I also teach Leadership and Business Negotiating at UC Berkeley. You can join one of my UC Berkeley classes by clicking here. I am available to speak to groups of adults and children.  I also mentor, coach and teach both kids and adults. I can be reached at sydney@oceansf.co.

My recent posts are below, but you can start at the beginning of my story by reading History Repeats here then scroll to the very bottom and click Next.

Love and Blessings,


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