Kids, Sports & the Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

Paris at 5
Age 5 – First All City Swim Meet, 2004
Age 16 – Highschool District Meet, 2015

I love being up early and the earlier the better.  I  love kids and sports and especially the quiet mornings spent packing the car in the silence before the neighborhood comes alive.  I love the whispered, “let’s go,” and making sure not to wake up the rest of house.  There was a time when I thought there was nothing more fun than packing up my girl before dawn and heading off to the far corners of California for a swim meet, soccer or volleyball tournament.  There was no place too far flung that I wouldn’t drive for a competitive sporting event.  Clovis, Monterey, Sonoma, South Lake Tahoe, Lodi – you name it.  This is not to mention the four volleyball tournaments in Reno in 2014 – be careful what you wish for because if you keep winning you end up back in Reno.

Truly, there was nothing I enjoyed more and no place I would have rather been.  I adored each team with it’s unique personality, including the kids, the parents, and the coaches.  I made so many friends that I hardly noticed the endless hours poolside, on the court, the field, or in the parking lot sitting in camp chairs.   And I loved watching my kids.

In these pre-dawn hours my favorite thing was to stop and get a mocha and a breakfast sandwich on the way   With one or the other of my daughters, I would watch the sun come up heading down the 680 corridor or across one of the many Bay Area bridges that took us to so many different places we would never have gone otherwise.

Now, I have a 16 year old that can drive (a mixed blessing) and because she can drive herself to swimming and beach volleyball it doesn’t mean she can make herself breakfast.  As many of you know, teenage girls are not the best eaters.  In fact, they would prefer not to eat at all.   However, they can’t be strong in their sport if hungry and light headed.

This is the first summer where I find myself standing in the kitchen making my 16 year old breakfast before she heads out the door by herself for a very long day of swim practice, coaching and teaching swim lessons to six year olds, followed by a 2 hour sand volleyball work out.

It’s nice to have more time for my own life, but I will forever treasure the time I spent with my children through sports.  Thank goodness, I have the spare 14 year old soccer player for a few more years.

Obviously there are a few variations, but I will start with the basic instructions and you can suit your own taste.



1) In a small bowl crack one organic free range egg, and start your toast (I use sprouted whole wheat).


2) Cover with your choice of cheese and microwave for 1.5 minutes on high heat.  You can cover with plastic wrap, but I’m a risk taker and take my chances.


3) Sprinkle with Sea Salt and add avocado and cut in half.


4) Wrap in foil or serve warm


On a toasted bagel with bacon:


On a plain bagel with bacon and avocado:


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