Santa Cruz National Championship Races, July 2016
As I navigate through these uncharted waters I realize what a great insurance policy an education is.

When I was young I appreciated the privilege I was granted to be given the opportunity to earn my Bachlor of Science degree at Oregon State University as a full time student and the luxury to study abroad at the London School of Economics as an undergraduate, then to go on to graduate school at Lewis and Clark.  And I was especially grateful for all the fun I had and the life long friends I made along the way. But now, I realize how absolutely necessary it is to be well educated.  

I’ve had a grueling week and it’s only Wednesday, but I feel blessed for the education I have, and the professional life I’ve worked so hard to sustain as I raised my children.  My experience as a Financial Analyst, Underwriter, Marketing Director, Systems Analyst, Project Manager, Consultant and Entrepreneur is invaluable to me now as I lay the foundation for my future.  I am using all of the knowledge I’ve acquired, plus learning so much as I move forward. 

On Monday, I met with the tax attorney, on Tuesday I finished our complex tax return for 2015, and took it to our accountant. This morning, I had a meeting with my personal attorney regarding my estate and then with my advisor for the company I’ve been incubating for the last nine months,  I ended the business day reviewing my teaching schedule for UC Berkeley’s International Program where I teach entrepreneurial marketing.  Now, I sit exhausted, watching my daughter’s soccer practice, and will go home soon and cook dinner.

Thank goodness I am well educated and prepared mentally and emotionally for the challenges ahead. Education is everything, and an invaluable insurance policy for traversing the unforeseen challenges that inevitably confront us in life.  

As we look for schools for my high school senior’s continuing education, it’s not just a degree she will be gaining, but an insurance policy against the storms that life may land her unexpectedly into the center of.  

Although, I wish her only gentle winds and smooth sailing,  I want her to be strong, capable, confident and prepared for whatever weather she may encounter along life’s journey.  

Ocean Beach, Carmel by the Sea, April 2016

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