College Essays; Positivity, Optimism, Passion & Determination

Sydney and Paris
Many of my neighbors joke about writing their children’s college essays, and I have to admit I wrote a draft for my daughter Paris. And two thirds of it was about what a wonderful mother she had grown up with, and all of the things I had taught her.  It was, of course, written to humor her, and encourage her to put her own thoughts on paper. Being her mother, I know exactly how to motivate her. And she loved telling her friends that I wrote her college essay and it was all about me! 

In my draft, I wrote about how her cookie dough was a combination of my French-Irish linage and that of her Texan father.  A nice combination, that contains a magical spectrum of attributes.

In the end, she wrote a stunning essay of her own, which I recently reread, and this is what she wrote about me:

“I’ve learned to mirror so many of her amazing qualities; positively, optimism, passion and determination.”

My days of being a full time parent to my beautiful child are coming to a close. Soon, she will be a person on her own, following her unique path to achieve her dreams. 

As we began this journey, I had only hoped to instill the important, but humble qualities of kindness, hard work and follow through, the lofty words she used to discribe what she sees in me surprised me.

As mothers, we never know what our children will take with them when they leave us. We can only hope the qualities they mirror will be good.

Positivity, optimism, passion and determination. 

I think this is a very good place to start.

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