The 5 Most Important Things

Martis Valley, Truckee California
I’ve spent the last 10 months working to understand my experiences and put them into some meaningful context, so that I can lay a strong foundation for my future, and the future of my family. 

When we first bought our house in Truckee, California, in 2007, I would stay up late listening to music and drinking wine on the upstairs deck with friends, we would watch the sunset, and then the moon rise, among a million stars in an inky sky.  

In the morning, I would be up to see the tangerine sunrise fill the Martis Valley with golden light.  Then, line all the kids up, at the kitchen island, and make them breakfast.  I would be so excited for everyday there that I couldn’t sleep at all. 

This would go on for days, until I went home to my foggy cool creekside home in Moraga, California, with pink and white flowers along the boarders of my garden; there I would work, care for my family, go to yoga, play tennis, and hike with friends.  

Polly, our Golden-doodle, came into our lives that summer, and Siena lost her two front teeth that first winter.  My days were carefree, and everything a joy to me, and each and every day a gift. 

I know I will feel that way again, but this period of my life has not been without its merits, and precious offerings.  And because of them, and what I’ve learned, this time has been one of the most meaningful and profound of my life. 

In my contemplation, I’ve discovered happiness comes down to these five things:

  1. You’ve got to love yourself. Be your own best friend.
  2. Feel your emotions. Feel everything, both good and bad, and enjoy every moment.
  3. Find your life purpose. Don’t work at a job you hate and don’t settle. 
  4. Let God do things for you.  Expect miracles, stay calm, and flow with life.
  5. Accept love. And return the same.

Congratulations to the class of 2017.  Love and Blessings to all.​

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