Yacht Racing, Camadores & Hawaii 

Since, or even for a while before, my husband died, my life has had a magical quality. 

I started praying a lot then, and asking for help and guidance, as I made my way through the transition from, “stay-at-home” mom and part time work, to finding what would be my life purpose professionally, of course, at first I didn’t think of it this way. 

Honestly, I just wanted a job. But the universe had other plans, I found jobs, but they were crazy interesting like working for a rare art dealer, or an online designer furniture company, or teaching at UC Berkeley. I was seeing people chasing and unapologetically living their dreams and doing what they loved.

Then, I started sailing. And I met amazing people, who would only do what they loved. Anything less, wasn’t even an option. The idea of working a job you hated was an obsurdity. 

I would watch and listen for what each new experience had to teach me. And my life and my path would magically unfold. People and opportunities would present themselves and I would take them. 

Yesterday, I was on the Committee Boat, for the Yacht Racing Association. There were three past Commadores on the boat, and they had all raced to Hawaii multiple times.  One of them, nine times. They said, the first four days were hell, then the rest of the trip was heaven.

I thought, well, this is interesting…

I almost did the race to Hawaii last year, but it didn’t work out, and thankfully, or I would have been on a sailboat, in the middle of the Pacific, when my husband died.    

Now, there’s Pacific Cup 2018.  A nice even numbered year for an adventure.

Love and blessings to all. 

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