This Year, Last Year & More

Truckee Parade, July 4th 2011
For my family the 4th of July was always our happiest holiday. 

It was usually spent at our cabin near Lake Tahoe. We wore matching T-shirts, watched the parade in downtown Truckee, rafted down the Truckee River, then sat on the beach watching fireworks with our friends. 



So, it was important to me, that this year we be together and create new memories.  I will admit, I was very adamant that this happen.  I wanted to be together, and have the sort of day we would one day look back on, and remember fondly.

And my wish came true.

Thank you to my beautiful friends and family for staying close to me, and for being there for me.

Love and blessings to all. 

Backyard, Moraga, California 2017


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