One Last Thing

North Shore Lake Tahoe
No one loved Tahoe more than my husband. In the beginning, he bought the house for me because I was an avid skier.  I then taught my husband and both my children to ski, but honestly, from the very beginning, he took to it like a duck to water.

In the years when I was a ski instructor he would ski past me on the mountain and show off his turns, sometimes, he would stop and give my students pointers. 

As these were private lessons, he would tell the students how lucky they were to get 2 for 1 instruction. I didn’t love having my lesson interrupted, but I was always very proud of him as he did over time, become a beautiful skier. But mostly, I admired him for taking up such a difficult sport so late in life and working hard to excel at it.

Our days on the mountain were among our happiest.  We loved our cozy cabin, skiing all day, and having so many friends around us.

Now, we are here to spread his ashes. We drove up yesterday afternoon, and our cabin is full of friends as it usually is when we are here. In keeping with tradition, we stayed up late last night playing cards, with the doors and windows open, because it’s summer now.  

We had music playing and everyone was laughing. Our lovely evening was surprisingly normal considering we are here for such a sad errand. However, anyone who knew my husband knows that this is exactly the way he would want it to be.  He loved hosting and having everyone around, and he was on most nights, very much the life of the party. 

My goal was to make this one last thing that I do for him beautiful, and I think it might be so, it’s certainly starting to look that way. 

Love and blessings to all. 

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