Courage In Motion

Courage in motion. I’ve never seen two people move forward with such courage and determination.

When they were very small they sat in their double stroller, and asked what happened to Grandma Joannie, and I told them the story of her lung transplant at Stanford, and how no matter how hard everyone tried, she went into organ failure, and died 18 months later.  

They nodded, and looked at me like old friend’s who had been gone for a while, and needed to be caught up. 

They both insist they are doing fine, even though they tell me not to worry, I still do. I remember pretending I was fine when I was not. 

They’ve had a busy summer, among other things they both work at the same store, and go off together and work the same hours. They are very hard working, especially Paris, and I’m so proud of them. 

They look happy and well adjusted. Though looks can be deceiving, it might be true. It just might be true.

Love and blessings to all. 

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