San Francisco Bay

I arrived at DMV in Berkeley a little after 8:00 a.m. this morning to meet my business and boat partner Andrew to register our boat, Solana. This was the necessary first step to getting insured, and moving off the Berkeley Yacht Club guest dock, where our boat had worn out its welcome, and into the Berkeley Marina.

As luck would have it, the DMV was closed as it had been burglarized leaving 200 people standing in the parking lot wondering what to do next. Andrew and I however, pulled a u-turn and headed straight to the Napa DMV which is always calm and rarely impacted by big city problems like burglary. 

We stopped for breakfast, and handled the insurance on the way. It took less then half an hour to to get our boat registered, and insured, then we headed to the Marina, and the Harbor Master. 

Because the boat is held in our LLC they needed 14 pieces of documentation. I have the entire company filed in a bankers box that I was able to throw in my truck, so I had everything we needed, except my declaration of insurance, but my wonderful insurance agent, Jim Rogers, quickly emailed it directly to the marina. 

Finally, we boarded Solana, and moved her to be measured by the Harbor Master.  Soon we will have our permanent slip, and a home for our beautiful boat that has spent the last ten years out of the water.  

Simultaneously, our friend Tom sailed in Sanctuary, his boat that had been moored in Port Townsend, Washington. His trip, due to bad weather, had to be done in two parts and took several weeks.

It was coincidental that after so many days and obstacles, Solana and Sanctuary both sailed into the Berkeley Marina at roughly the same time. 

The Sanctuary crew made breakfast, even though it was 3 p.m. and and we celebrated sitting in the sunshine eating scrambled eggs and homemade hash browns. 

Another perfect moment.

Love and blessings to all. 

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