A State of Mind 

Often, I wish I could feel safe again, like I once did. Due to naïveté, for a long time I felt secure in my home, my marriage, and my life. I realize this is only a state of mind, because none of us are really ever completely safe, we just believe we are. 

In reality, anything can happen anytime to anyone. This also happens in reverse, these are the happy happenstances of life. I’ve spent time this year counting my blessings often, and in doing so, I see that among the losses and chaos, there are many miracles, both spectacular and mundane.

Because, I’m often home alone, and waiting up for the teenagers, I’ve enjoyed a good deal of time with my pets. They are minor miracles in themselves, and I can’t help but marvel at how beautifully made they are, and how intricate are their habits. 

The children are the same. Genetics alone are the subject of endless fascination. In addition to this, even their youthful confusion, is touching and endearing, and full of beauty and tenderness. 

Security is just a state of mind.  Love, beauty,  and tenderness, however, can be found all around us.  

Love and blessings to all. 

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