The Calm After The Storm

As many know I’ve been fund raising for my startup Ocean SF, a sustainable clothing apparel line for sailors, with an emphasis on the mid layer, our beautiful 100% Merino jacket. So, please go to our web store and buy yours, as more and more I see the correlation between wearing polar fleece as being similar to smoking. As I’ve said before, polyester fleece sheds into our drinking water every time you wash it. In this way choosing to wear a garment that is a contaminant is exactly like passive secondhand smoke as we all share the same drinking water supplies that are polluted by washing petroleum fleece jackets.

I’ve had a forced break in these activities as it’s been thanksgiving and my daughter opted to have knee surgery and not ski in Tahoe this season. It’s been difficult for me as we’ve not missed skiing opening day at Northstar Resort in nine years, and I missed being with friends in the mountains.

However, with the second knee surgery for my daughter successfully behind us, it feels like the calm after the storm.

My daughter had her ACL surgery on Tuesday, and we had a quiet dinner the three of us on Thursday. I was thankful for the day, our health and well being, but, I was also sad not to have a big family to share it with. Family is so important to me, so I look forward to developing a close knit extended family as the children grow older and marry, and I undoubtedly, have my own significant other.

In the meantime, I am so thankful to our friends Dan, Jeff and Chris who are always here for us, and our many other friends, including my friend Jeff who was home for the holiday, and here so much to help.

Love and blessings to all.

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