Family, Love & Birthday Traditions

We headed into the city on Friday to belatedly celebrate Paris’ 19th birthday. Since Paris was in the fifth grade we’ve gone to Neiman Marcus for lunch on her birthday.

For the first few years we went to the spectacular Rotunda resteraunt in San Francisco. Later, so she wouldn’t miss so much school, we went to the Neiman Marcus restaurant in Walnut Creek.

Yes, many people say that it’s over priced, but the food is amazing, the atmosphere gorgeous and they treat you like glass, giving you lovely popovers with strawberry butter to start and a delicious chocolate chip cookie when you depart.

Anyway, on this particular day, we couldn’t get our usual table in the Rotunda. We like to sit by the window and look out over Union Square. As a rule, we always sit at the same tables in restaurants we love. So, we decided to shop and come back when our table was ready. However, everyone was hungry, so we went to the Four Seasons instead.

It was a nice change and they treated us equally well. Our table had a gorgeous view of Market Street (above) and they brought us a beautiful platter of chocolates and fruit at the end.

I’ve incorporated traditions into the life of my family over the years, as I grew up with no traditions, and from holiday to holiday, I never knew what to expect. I had also read that traditions are good for children, and I think they were nice for all of us as life over the last few years specifically, has been largely unpredictable.

However, I think change is positive and doing things just slightly differently, while retaining the spirit of the thing, is an evolution of sorts.

We’ve all changed and grown so much from that Saturday afternoon having our first grown up birthday lunch together so long ago.

Although change is good, and it is the one thing we can all count on, what has not changed is our love for each other, and the joy in spending these special occasions together.

Love and blessings to all.

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