Big Vision

Swimwear and hoodie designed by Ocean SF

Since inception the vision for Ocean SF has been big. I didn’t realize exactly how big until I sat down to update my investor presentation and business plan for a recent meeting with my investors.

Because I’m on staff at UC Berkeley I was able to use their library to conduct my research. I spent several scorching afternoons in the cool campus halls utilizing their research portals to look at the outdoor market, the sailing market, sustainable brands and the buying habits of the generations, but in particular Generation X and the Millennials. What they value and how they buy.

It was fascinating to say the least. When I worked as a Marketing Director I would get a bound copy of this type of information for my brand, but it felt entirely different to create such a report myself.

Technology is a powerful tool. Information is at our fingertips. And with the UC Berkeley resources I have, I am able to form a question in my mind, then type it in, and an answer will appear. What is the sailing market internationally? Immediately, a chart appears. How many polyester fleece jackets were sold in the U.S.? If you are wondering, it was 3.2 million in 2016, and substantially more now.

As as writer, I put this all into an intelligible report. I find it fascinating of course. I love all of the foot notes and the fact that I am able to so beautifully and throughly document it all. These are my more bookish traits as a human. They differ from how I am normally perceived.

Many people can’t understand how I was a technical writer for so long, or why I loved it, but I did. It is the dissemination of information. Learning and teaching through written form. This has an enormous and long term impact on every facet of life. Because you can teach so many people effortlessly with word alone on a written page.

As I created each slide following the logical thought process in my mind, my vision came completely into focus based on facts, and no longer assumptions. The zero waste, ethically produced market has come a long way since I began Ocean SF. My linen coverups, my zero waste swimwear, my technical sailing apparel, all of it so necessary and useful in the world.

My researched confirmed what I’ve known all along. It’s apparent that I’m absolutely 100% on the right tract.

I can only proceed from where I am. From here it is only smooth sailing.

Love and blessings to all.

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