Natural Beauty


When it rains it pours. In my case it’s raining good things. I am grateful and working hard to meet the challenges that opportunity brings. I remember this happening a few times in the past. Falling in love, starting a new job and moving cities. Things like this. Or, getting promoted and pregnant in the same month. Things like that. Now, I am chosen as a new and emerging designer for San Francisco Fashion Week.  The fashion show where I am featured is September 22nd, and its the same day my entering freshman daughter moves into her dorm room in another state.

After much discussion and compromising we agree that we would all fly to Portland together after the fashion show, the three of us.  My older daughter and I will move my younger daughter in, then leave the next day, traveling home to different cities. Everything has been shipped to Beaverton, Oregon to the home of one of my sorority sisters. A tower of boxes has arrived for us to pick up. Once again, the love and support of long term friendships can not be overstated.

Creative problem solving at it’s best.

On October 5th I have the opening of my solo exhibition at the Gallery at Wilder where my friend Denise Nomura is the currator. For many years I was a serious painter.  When I was ten I won the Fire Prevention poster contest, from there I painted through high school and into college. In college I added life drawing and developed my skill as a watercolor painter. I went on to study Art History, Politics and Economics at the University of London deepening my love of the arts.

When I moved to San Francisco I she studied with painter Joan Fintin of Berkeley. Joan’s work hangs in the Library of Congress, the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive, as well as numerous private collections.

Because my husband insisted our home be a gallery to my work, even when I was selling in galleries, we held back my best work for our home. However, “best” is subjective, when I was younger I sold everything I painted. Later, we made decisions to keep many pieces that fit into the decor of our beautiful traditional home. I’ve painted only rarely in recent years, although, when I do paint I have the exact same level of execution I had when I painted last. The muscle memory concerning painting is unmatched. The many years I spent painstakingly learning my craft has not been lost and I hope to pick it up again once the little ones are both away at college.

Transition requires letting go of the things we no longer need.  I will have 14 paintings for sale.  They are my most treasured oil on canvas and water colors paintings. The exhibition is titled  “Natural Beauty” because of my deep affinity with the natural world.

Please stop by the opening at the Gallery at Wilder on October 5th from 2:30-4:30. I will be there.

Love and Blessings to all.

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