Fashion Shows, College Drop Off & The Next Chapter

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It began by simply wanting to go to one fashion show for San Francisco’s Fashion Community Week. I reached out to friends to come with me and then went online to purchase tickets. While doing this, I saw that the application deadline for designers was coming up and I decided to apply.  Why couldn’t Ocean SF be featured? The focus for 2019 was on sustainable fashion and we certainly fit that category.

A few weeks passed and I got a call from a number in France with no caller ID, it was unusual, so I answered and it was the Director. With her beautiful accent she interviewed me. She concluded our call by telling me she would recommend my company to her board for approval. A week later I had a formal invitation to present at Fashion Week.

Immediately, I pulled up my calendar to enter the date and saw the show I was in was the exact same day as dorm move in for my youngest daughter to start her freshman year of college. With a sinking feeling I realized I would have to decline.

To my surprise my older daughter stepped in and made some calls and helped to arrange move in for the next day, a Monday. Her classes didn’t start until Wednesday, so we could all be at the show.

To say that it was everything I dreamed it could be is an understatement. My older daughter flew in and went to every show helping me with everything that needed to be done. My younger daughter attended shows between packing for college.

We had a wonderful time watching the magnificent designs walk down the runway and the venues were stunning. The fabulous Fairmont Hotel where the International Show was held was breathtaking as always, and the San Francisco boutique hotels were the perfect backdrop for the creative genius presented. We met so many wonderful people in the industry and everyone was incredibly friendly, helpful and nice. On Sunday, our show was at Hotel Zelos on the roof top.  A beautiful jewel of a hotel in the heart of San Francisco. We had a dozen friends in the audience.  Back stage our models couldn’t have been more accommdating and lovely. The coordination from the seasoned team was professional and relaxed, and of course it all went off without a hitch.

Unexpectedly, when our part of the show concluded we got to walk the run way with the professional models. It was one of those rare moments in life when everything falls into place and feels just right.  It was an incredible feeling. Afterwards, the three of us went home and packed for our early morning flight to Oregon and our next chapter…

Love and blessings.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Shows, College Drop Off & The Next Chapter

  1. So blessed to attend your show! Outstanding! Loved the simplicity of your designs and the beautiful colors and materials. Great venue. Thrilled for you, Sydney!


    1. Thank you Denise. I was so happy you could come.


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