Vintage & Personal Style

Paris in a two piece vintage wool and silk suit.

My daughter was heading to her company Christmas party and wanted something to wear. She said everyone was dressing up. I pulled out my mother’s beautiful wool holiday suit. It’s as beautiful today as the day it was made. Of course, I’ve taken very good care of it storing it in my cedar lined closet. It fit her perfectly as I knew it would, because it fit me perfectly. I remember wearing it to a New Years Eve dinner party and a December formal evening wedding to name just two occasions.

This situation is certainly the last word in sustainable fashion. The suit was made in England, hand finished, silk lined and woven with 100% wool. As of today, it’s been worn by three generations.

Siena in a cashmere sweater and cotton bicycle shorts.

Earlier that morning my younger daughter pulled out one of my prized possessions, an over sized thick cable knit cashmere sweater owned by the mother of a friend of mine and given to me several years ago. My daughter modernized it with lace up boots and bike shorts. Again, this well made, 100% cashmere sweater has been worn by three generations.

Making beautiful things matters. Wearing them and caring for them is a privilege.

Love and blessings.

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