Literacy, Teaching & Love

When I’m not working on my sustainable sailing apparel company Ocean SF I am teaching.

I am an early riser and up at 5 a.m. most mornings. I use the peaceful quiet before 8 a.m. for writing and planning. Then, I make calls, do emails and have meetings. This goes on until mid-afternoon when I leave to teach language arts as a “learning therapist” in Lafayette.

Currently, I have 18 clients that I see for 30 minutes per week, and two that I see twice a week. Their abilities range dramatically and several are what could be categorized as brilliant. However, they are all unique and gifted in some way. Many of them I have worked with for over a year and it is beyond gratifying to see them develop and grow academically. It would be reasonable to think I have my favorites, but I do not. I see the beauty in each of them. Because I was dyslexic as a child I have a unique understanding of the challenges children face in learning to read. There is nothing more difficult and time consuming to do then master the ability to read. Next, is learning to write, and proficiently express with evidence your opinions and point of view. My time with children is always time well spent.

My syllabus has just been approved for a college level leadership class that I will be teaching to adult business students. I am thrilled because there is so much to teach and explore within the topic of leadership. I have a text book in my office and I will be working on my slides and lectures over the holidays as my language arts children are on winter break. I’ve taught college level courses before on entrepreneurship, but I am especially interested in the topic of leadership, so more on this later.

Many of the children I teach tell me they love me. They write me notes and make me things at school. They give me presents as well. My college level students don’t do this, although I have brought them donuts. I think having so many children and young adults in my life has softened my transition to being an empty nester. Where I once had two children now I have 20. Soon I will again have a group of college age students. It’s a perfect scenario quite honestly, and they do make me feel very appreciated.

This is not something I take lightly. I am thankful for the opportunity to be of service in this way. I love teaching and take my work very seriously. It is an honor to be a part of the education of so many.

I’m looking forward to the year ahead and continuing to be of benefit through my writing and teaching while I also build my business. It’s a fabulous combination as my Ocean SF days At this stage are often solitary and administrative.

This is such a wonderful time in history as technology allows us to create the life of our dreams. I’m thankful that I have the platform you are reading this article on, so that I can share my journey with my readers while walking on my tread mill, sitting in my car or standing in line at the grocery store. What an incredible time to be alive.

Love and blessings to all.

A painting given to me by a student.

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