10,000 Steps, Belief Systems & Fresh Starts

Recently, I’ve noticed that when I go to the gym I really want to get a parking place close to the front door. I will always start there first before I end up parking in the adjoining lot. Why is this? After all, I am parking so I can go and do my 6,000 steps on the treadmill.

Since becoming an empty nester I’ve been very interested in why and how I do things. I’ve become an observer of my own life. Within the chaos of family life we often do not pay attention to our actions, routines and belief systems. In order to create a better life and to grow and flourish I know I have to adapt and change. However, like everyone else I have to begin where I am. Today, I am very conscious of my intentions and if my actions are congruent. I am also very intentional of my time and how I spend it.

Noticing actions that are in opposition to my goals has been of great benefit even in something as small as choosing a parking space. If my intention is to walk 10,000 steps, then immediately parking in the furthest lot benefits me in both goals; increasing my steps while saving time. There are a thousand other ways I can improve efficiency in other areas of my life by paying attention.

To use my own mother as an example, although she had a very secure and happy life after my father died I never saw her take risks or improve and grow. She stayed the same living in her beautiful house on Woodscape Drive and doing the exact same things day after day with only slight variations. Although routines are helpful to progress it is important to challenge and test the reasons why we do the things we do. My mother never remarried, never had a career and died young at 59 years old. For myself the status quo is just not good enough. There are so many things I want to do with my life. I want to be like my favorite role models and the many women who contribute to the world in a million ways. What I wish to aspire to is a better version of myself. Therefore, I want to challenge myself and not expect for things to be easy. To have a fit and toned body like the woman above takes hard work. Living an amazing life requires the same.

So, I’ll begin at the gym. I’ll park in the furthest lot. It’s a start.

Love and blessings to all.

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