Motherhood, Cherished Ideals & Time Well Spent

Legion of Honor Museum, San Francisco, 2009
Vatican Museums, Rome, Italy 2019

Today, my business coach Brigette Iarrusso-Soto asked what I was most proud of and most grateful for in 2019. Hands down I am most proud of my daughters. And, hands down I am most grateful for them as well.

The path of motherhood is long and often we can not see our influence. In 2019 I saw both my daughters off to college. They are confident, responsible, resourceful and everything I dreamed they would be.

When they were little I shared my love of art, politics and literature.

We talked about politics when they were young. We watched the State of the Union addresses together. They were appalled to learn of Hitler and World War II, when I explained why it’s important not to stand silent on the playground when others are bullied. I watch them both serve in student government in high school and college.

I modeled for them what a working mother looked like. Even, when I was not doing contract consulting in San Francisco full time I ran my own business at home called Chaney-Thomas and Associates (I still own that URL). They adopted my work ethic and both worked at Brandy Melville throughout high school.

We plant seeds in our children and hope they will grow. Today, my older daughter is studying for two degrees. One in Political Science and the other in Art History. Her little sister studies Business.

We have more influence then we realize. The many days I spent with my children sharing the ideals I most cherished I can now see incorporated in their lives.

My love of art, politics, and business lives on.

Love and blessings to all.

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