Join the Movement, 5 Gyres & Wear Your Values

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Plastic 2020

Since my childhood I’ve been a conservationist. I detested my polyester clothing as a kid and spent most of my youth in boys 501 Jeans and sweatshirts. I grew up on a farm and have always valued the natural beauty around me. Throughout my life I have been someone who loves being outdoors whether it was riding horses, floating down the river, or running through the fields in the rural community where I grew up. Later, I took up white water rafting, skiing and sailing. As an adult I was a ski instructor in Tahoe for three years, throw in many hikes and trips out on the lake on my paddle board and you get the idea. I live and breath for the sole purpose of preserving our beautiful world for my children and all of the children that come after them.

When I was a kid I would walk through stores touching all of the fabrics while I passed. My mother would scold me and tell me not to touch everything, but how things feel matters to me. The truth is that I started Ocean SF so I wouldn’t have to wear polyester fleece or polar fleece ever again. Ever. Yes, that would be the polyester fleece that pollutes drinking water when washed and can be found in the intestines of fish and human cadavers. I knew there was a reason I didn’t like it.

As well as polluting our water when they are washed,l due to micro fibers so small they can’t be filtered out polyester fast fashion is destroying the planet according to the New York Times.

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New York Times

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I make other products now besides my sustainable 100% Merino Wool mid-layer and they are all made of sustainable fabrics that have that beautiful feel only found in natural fibers. I’m working with bamboo for fall. It has a soft cool to the touch feel to it that I love already.

Ocean SF is donating 10% of proceeds to two organizations that work to fight plastic pollution in our oceans. One of them is 5 Gyres who works to create a zero-waste and plastic-free future.

Ocean SF made our first donation on August 28, 2020. Are you wondering what the name 5 Gyres means? A gyre is a large-scale system of wind-driven surface currents in the ocean. There are five massive main gyres located in the North and South Pacific, the North and South Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean that create a circular current system.

To Donate or learn more about 5 Gyres click here.  Join the movement and wear your values.

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