Fallen Angel of Scent

Retraining A Sense of Smell

Yesterday, I began the process of retraining my sense of smell. It’s been a year and only now can I smell fresh cut grass, fresh basil and my French roast coffee grounds, but only slightly. Even just being able to smell a small amount has buoyed my spirits. Yesterday, I walked past a vanilla candle sitting on my coffee table. I could faintly smell that warm sweetness that is unique to vanilla. It’s a sign of land and I am committed to being able to smell again. I’ve read to not be able to smell creates a life void of some of life’s most delightful experiences.

Last night I opened a box of essential oils. I put them in order and smelled each of them individually returning them to their box as I went like a ritual. When I woke this morning I recreated the ritual from the night before doing each of them in order.

Some of them I could not smell at all. Orange was very faint, but I could smell it. Eucalyptus slightly and lavender was an enormous disappointment smelling faintly of tin.

This is now my ritual. Morning and night. My wish is to regain this fallen angel of the senses.

Love and blessings.

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