10 Lessons from 2020

With Siena Thomas – San Francisco Bay – December 2020

In many ways 2020 has been very good to me. After surviving so much adversity in 2016 and dealing with so many difficult issues including the death of my husband Tracy Thomas, the quiet days of 2020 has given me a chance to reflect on what I learned. When my husband died my life went into what can only be described as a tailspin. He had made some very poor financial decisions that from the outside looking in appeared to be a very bad situation. However, I had lost both of my parents before thirty and in many ways the situation left me mostly undaunted. You might even say I took it as a challenge. As I’ve learned more and more about great leaders through history many endured grave hardships, so I would be no exception.

Since 2016 I’ve learned so much and have been able to keep my family safe and have watched my C corp Ocean SF thrive. This is what I’ve learned:

  1. Never take your health for granted.
  2. Cherish your loved ones.
  3. Do not give up on your dreams.
  4. Project the outcome in every scenario.
  5. Enjoy the small things.
  6. No matter how hopeless the situation appears do not give up.
  7. Be fearless.
  8. Try new things.
  9. Be open to change.
  10. Do the hard things.

I am very grateful for my friends, family, readers, students and customers for their love and support. Love and blessings to all.

1 thought on “10 Lessons from 2020

  1. This was inspiring and moving!


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