San Francisco Food Delivery & The Empty Nest

The Melt – Mac & Cheese Sandwich

After a quick trip to the airport I am back in the city and on my own again. I am getting prepared for the new year. My classes start soon and I have plans for the coming year that I can’t wait to implement. I spent several weeks with my daughters exclusively, but now I look forward to working hard, meeting new people and moving my brand forward. Not to mention eating right.

I’ve had many late nights and food deliveries from The Melt. If you’ve not heard of The Melt, experienced The Melt or eaten at The Melt I advise you to remain in your ignorance as this food is beyond crave worthy. They even have a double chocolate shake.

The empty nest has no unexpected late night deliveries of Mac and Cheese sandwiches and French fries covered in bacon. There are somethings that just taste better late at night. It’s easier to resist double carbohydrates like this sandwich, that graced my door last night, when it’s earlier in the day.

There are many other delicious choices in San Francisco and I’ve had some of the most wonderful food delivered to my door. If I’m up for a walk there are dozens and dozens of places to go and try. I’m working my way around the surrounding neighborhoods block by block.

Kin Khao, San Francisco

Now that I’m on my own, there are a few restaurants I want to try. One is the famous Kin Khao where the chef and owner Pim Twchamuanvivit returned to her roots of the Thai food she grew up with and now has three Michelin stars to her name. Proving once again that doing what you love spells success. I’m excited to try her fresh and seasonal dishes, but I’m sure I will find some French fries on my walk over. I know all the best spots, and I have The Melt on Uber Eats app just in case.

Love and blessings.

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