Not Trying Too Hard & The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

San Francisco, January 2023

The sun returned and I headed out for my first meeting as co-chair of the Hospitality Committee for the annual Bouquets to Art event for the San Francisco Museums of Fine Art. It had been a gloomy few weeks with the rains and my preoccupation with the homeless situation in San Francisco. So, attending this meeting at the glorious Legion of Honor was a much-needed break.

The meeting was scheduled to be in the private conference rooms deep inside the museum. As someone who loves museums and I have been to this one dozens of times I couldn’t wait to be there and see what lay beyond the public rooms. I drove through the golden avenues of San Fransisco on my way. The streets were splashed with sunshine beneath a perfectly clear blue sky. This San Francisco is lined with Victorian two-story houses, tidy shops, and bakeries with clean sidewalks adorned with flowers and trees. I passed Golden Gate Park as people biked and walked along its paths beneath towering eucalyptus trees. Many branches from the storm covered the ground, but workers could be seen clearing the paths as people passed.

Since my husband died I’ve worked really hard. I have an insane work ethic. I teach two classes at UC Berkeley and usually have another job, run my company, and coach and do learning therapy for a handful of people three or four times a week. I also manage my rentals and do most of the repairs, gardening, and cleaning myself. Some days I’ll work literally 12 hours. The funny thing is I love doing most of it and it doesn’t really feel like work to me. That may sound strange, but I think it is fun to work with people from all walks of life, fix and mends things, and essentially make something that is good even better. However, I decided I have to stop trying so hard and exhausting myself which I frequently do. I also want to spend some time doing what I love like working with the museums. I do recognize that this is ironically still work, but it is a different kind of work involving art and flowers which I love. Nevertheless, one of my goals in 2023 is to stop trying so hard, so I will have to reduce some of my manual labor type work in favor of making a larger impact, as maximizing my impact is my other 2023 goal.

The architecture in the museum is stunning. When I walk in I am always astonished by its beauty.

The floral tribute to art returns in full for its 39th year the week-long event from June 5-11, 2023, is the highest attended week of the year, bringing in over 45,000 attendees, and has raised $9M to date.

The event showcases pieces of art including paintings, sculptures, objects, and architecture from the permanent collection housed at the de Young museum in Gilden Gate Park. A piece of art is paired with floral arrangements created by more than 100 famous floral designers.

Money raised will support the special exhibitions, conservation projects, and educational programs at both the Legion of Honor and the de Young museums in San Francisco. Tickets go on sale soon.

Legion of Honor

One of the things I had to think about was what to wear to such a meeting. In keeping with my 2023 goal of not trying too hard I chose to wear sneakers, soft jeans, and a cozy coat over it all. I was very comfortable and enjoyed my time with my new group and can’t wait to see my first season of Bouquets to Art come to life.

Love and blessings to all.

Grounds of The Legion of Honor

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