Leadership Development & The Women of Silicon Valley 

Mira Muranti — Fast Company 

If you want to be inspired take a good look at Mira Murati. This woman was just featured on the cover of Fast Company. If you’ve not heard her name before she is the chief technology officer for OpenAI which owns ChatGPT which is the most influential and controversial technology emerging today. She is the woman to watch. She has what Fast Company called “sangfroid” which is composure and coolness and she will need it in this role. I love seeing women take on these types of challenges and succeed. They inspire the world and she is a fine example of what women are capable of. 

I will be speaking at the Women of Silicon Valley conference in May and I hope to meet her. I would love to find out how she designed her path and how intentional it was and how she employed the principles of agency. I do know she came from Tesla where she worked on Autopilot, an AI-enabled driver-assistance software. While there she realized there would have to be a massive advancement in technology for Autopilot to be flawless. That led to joining OpenAI in 2018 where she now has oversight of Dall-E and ChatGPT.

She has shown that she knows more about building and shipping AI-based products than almost anyone else and she has nailed leadership on so many levels. How did she do that? I would love to talk with her. 

At the Women of Silicon Valley conference on May 25th, I will be working with clients on Personal Branding in the morning and will be in the Career Advice Clinic in the afternoon. If you are there Mira please come and say hello.

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