Leadership Training and Branding

I focus on one thing — RESULTS and how to get promoted to the executive level.

If you teach leadership at UC Berkeley you are going to be asked to talk about leadership outside of class. I will be speaking on Leadership Branding at the Women in Silicon Valley Conference in May. I will also be in the Career Advice Clinic talking to participants. 

Frequently, I am asked to become a mentor by my students. So, I have done a good deal of pro bono leadership coaching during and after my students have left my classes. Of course, I meet with my students when they need help because as an educator this is my job, but becoming a professional leadership coach was never my goal. It never crossed my mind. Yet, it is a hidden superpower of mine and I currently have many coaching clients paid and unpaid, I also meet with students from my UC Berkeley Advisory group and I’ve done some team building and corporate coaching. 

The other day one of my pro bono clients cancelled and I was so disappointed. I was looking forward to hearing about the progress they had made since our last conversation. I would do this work for free because it is that enjoyable for me. Plus, I think there is a grave danger in not using skills we have mastered that can help other people (more on this later). And, the world so desperately needs GREAT LEADERSHIP. 

One of the reasons why I didn’t want to become a LEADERSHIP COACH is that these sorts of things have never been very helpful to me personally. I do not like to talk about problems, I execute plans. I like to get things done. So, in my coaching sessions, I focus on one thing — RESULTS and how to get promoted to the executive level. In my UC Berkeley Leadership class people are there to learn how to become more effective leaders, but ideally great leaders. Many want to be more impactful, but most want these skills so they can lead successful and high-functioning teams and get promoted. I believe if you’re going to work hard you might as well be successful at it. If you are putting the time in you might as well make a big impact. 

I am NOT a life coach. I am a leadership expert. 

I’ve taught almost 300 hours of leadership classes at UC Berkeley. Now, I want to expand my reach and am taking both corporate and one-on-one clients. 

My main focus is on RESULTS and postioning my clients to get promoted to the executive level by creating a powerful personal leadership brand and creating high functioning and successful teams. 

Please email me or contact me here for more information on my programs and for a free consultation. 

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