The Come Back of San Francisco & The Ferry Building

I took a long walk to the Ferry Building today and as I embarked on my journey I discovered that the closer I got to the Ferry Building the more and more it looked like the old San Francisco that I knew and loved so much in my twenties. 

There were crowds of people buying fruit, vegetables, and flowers supporting our local growers. People were also lined up to buy donuts, pastries, pork sandwiches, and empanadas as well. And, of course, there was a line to get a table at the Hog Island Oyster Company.

I woke up to a foggy morning, but the fog soon cleared revealing an incredibly beautiful day with blue skies and soft winds. I felt like dressing up a little and settled on this spring outfit. I was raised in a world where you could not wear white before Memorial Day and when I lived in the city in my twenties we wore only black exclusively. If you wore anything besides black year round you looked like a tourist. I think that rule has changed and even if it hasn’t I don’t care anymore because I want to wear what I want to wear. This likely comes with age although I did like wearing black and was thankful it was in fashion.

On this lively Saturday morning, I stopped in at Book Passages which was packed with books and people. There is nothing more civilized than a bookstore and I was happy to see it still open and thriving. Ditto for Hog Island Oyster Company who had a line out the door a half block. It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying their lunch in the sunshine overlooking the Bay Bridge. Here is one review from many: 

The best spot for fresh oysters and clams. the clam chowder was unforgettable! It came as an overflowing bowl of clams with a little cream soup! We also had the baked oysters that were so plump and fresh! Sitting outside would be ideal while the weather permits the view is just stunning.

Google Review

I recommend taking time to visit the Ferry Build and Hog Island Oyster Company as they have 2,000+ plus five-star reviews, but you will have to queue up as they do not take reservations. 

Not only did I get my steps in today I was also pleased to see that there are places in San Francisco that continue to thrive.

Below are some photos from my day. Love and blessings to all 


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