Best Cookbook for Cooking for Kids

Just wanted to let everyone know that my cookbook is gaining speed as the best cookbook for cooking for families.  I am now #593,000 in the Amazon ranking.  Who knew there were that many cookbooks on the market!  

I loved this review from one of my readers:

“I am writing this review to say, I just finished reading this book and I throughly enjoyed every bit of it. The author has simple, no nonsense recipes with each having a brief personal story. Her descriptions, instructions, and variety of recipes are healthy, time conscious, creative, family friendly, and seem fun to make. Her family seems to have been a big influence in her cooking style with humorous opinions and insights. I am anxious to try her Beef Stroganoff (reads incredible) along with one of my favorites from the book, the Blackberry Cobbler recipe from her mother. Being on Kindle makes this book handy in easily pulling up the recipes at the store, or market for dinner that night. Overall, Real Food For Real People is upbeat, with great variety and suggestions for delicious meals. I would highly recommend this book.”Amazon Reviewer

1 thought on “Best Cookbook for Cooking for Kids

  1. Maureen Jaimes June 27, 2014 — 8:21 pm

    Excellent!!  🙂 -Mo



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