Love Heals

Cerro Pampa Polo Club
Over the last nine years my family and I have attended the annual Oyster Cup at the Cerro Pampa Polo Club, it’s not what you think, but a family friendly event for polo players and their family and friends.  And dogs.  After dinner there is usually dancing with the kids, dogs and friends.   And we all wear our ponchos.  Nothing could be more fun.  The first year my youngest daughter was six, and I brought along my house guest Dagny who was a kid then, but now has a baby of her own.

This is always my favorite day of the summer.  I love sitting on the polo field and watching the horses and riders thunder by.  This year it was just me without my husband or kids.  And I have to admit I was crying on my drive to the ranch.  And naturally, I really was a bit of a downer, and I apologize, but I was on this day, and all of the others, held up by the love of my friends, family, neighbors and even people I don’t even know.

Our home looks like a flower shop.  We are still receiving flowers and cards.  They say when tragedy strikes we find out who our real friends are and I have to say, I had no and I mean absolutely no clue, how many real friends we all have.  It has been truly amazing.

The other day I opened a package and it was a silver bracelet with a charm that said, “Everything is going to be OK” and yesterday I got a beautiful letter and a check in a ridiculous amount from a subcontractor of my husbands.

Thank you to my Alpha Phi sisters who have been by my side constantly, here in the Bay and when I was in Oregon for a soccer tournament days after my husband died.  My dear friend Maureen attended every game and brought me coffee.  And my best grade school friend let my daughter and I just lie on her sofa while she came up with the funniest stories of our childhood to make my daughter laugh, and my neighbors who fed the many people who stayed at our house for days and days and comforted my daughters.  And my best friend Deb who has been burning a trail up to see me from So. Cal every chance she gets.  And my sis and sweet brother in law who loves movies took me to see the movie North By Northwest (1959).  And all of my aunties who call me constantly from Toronto.   And Tony at Santa Maria who hugs me every time he sees me.   And the Hoover family who took Siena to their home in Maui for a much needed break.

It goes on and on…

I am deeply grateful and appreciative of the outpouring of love that my children and I have received.  Love really does heal.






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