Till There Was You

​​Many people don’t believe in love, but I do. 

Tonight, I was privileged to be a guest at the 30th wedding anniversary party of my dear friends and neighbors, Tina and David.  

As I begin to resume my routines and return to my life and social obligations, I realize how blessed I am for the rythym of my life.  And for the many things that  do go right, and for the people and places that comprise our fondest memories and witness our most treasured moments.

I’m sure for my friends, and certainly for me, tonight was one of those.  Before the replica of the wedding cake of 30 years ago, a compromise cake of chocolate, hazelnut and raspberry (because marriages are made of compromises) was served, Ruthie and Rachael sang the song, “Till There Was You” to their parents. It was the song from the first dance at their wedding.  

I can’t help but imagine what it must have felt like to think back to that day, not being able to envision what the future would hold, and then tonight to be standing in California under the stars on a beautiful night surrounded by your friends and family, as your daughters are singing to you so many years later. 

I’m guessing it would feel pretty magical. 

And, the compromise cake, like many things that are beautifully melded together, was delicious. 

1 thought on “Till There Was You

  1. Sydney, Yours are Lovely sentiments about the evening. We were honored to gave you join us for our 30th. And, yes it was a magical night! Tina


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