Diamond and South Bay Front

Finally, I feel myself coming to some sort of peace after the shocking events of the summer. Even the word October helps me feel like I’ve put some distance between myself and that horrifying phone call in July. 

I watch my daughters and I’m stunned by their bravery and their ability to stay strong and focused. My daughter interviewed with USC on Friday.  I sat in the courtyard outside the admissions office and watched her walk away from me and into her future.  Her sunny disposition in the face of such adversity moves me to tears sometimes. I’m so proud of her.  She told me the death of her father just 8 weeks ago taught her that the only thing that matters in the end are our relationships, and our experiences with other people. 

Now, I’m in Newport Beach with my best friend.  I was here in June, an eternity ago, and so much has changed since I was last here visiting her and my garmet factory to make the first prototype for my sailing apparel line.  We walk along the waters edge in this beautiful town, and I am starting to feel peaceful and balanced again after so long. 

It’s taken me a while to process all of this. I think being an optimist I can’t believe that this is how the story ends. But maybe this is just the beginning.

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