Taxes & Attorneys

I left sunny East LA on Sunday, and am now on a train in a turtleneck sweater, loafers and raincoat to foggy San Francisco to meet with my husband’s tax attorney, Robert again. It’s sprinkling which is a good sign here in Northern California.  Even so, what a difference a day makes. 

I’ve been confounded  by the astonishing  way in which people who think they are going to live forever manage their money.   Once again, I am blessed to have my financial background and thankfully know my way around banking institutions, lawyers and a spreadsheet, but what about other people in my situation who do not have financial prowess?  All I can say is, get your affairs in order, because there is nothing not complex about any of this. 

I am working very hard right now for my children, and to quell this constant sense of anxiety that motivates me to protect them in any and every way possible. 

In the city, Robert talks very fast, and because of this, I am thankfully out the door in under an hour.  I’d spoken with Rob before, and cleared up any misconceptions he had about my ability to follow his words and we had a quick and productive meeting. 

On my way home, I got off the train in North Berkeley and met my business partner Andrew LaCenere for coffee. I am starting to feel the sensation of change again.  The kind you initiate, not the kind where you are dragged unwillingly and can only surrender. 

I’m still in a state of disbelief, because this time last year I was on a sailboat training for my BK Certification, or a license to sail.  Such a luxurious thing to do, even then.  And now my world is unrecognizable from what it was. I’m picking up the pieces one at a time. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s not. Someday, all of this will be just a memory, and I will turn the page on this chapter of my life. 

For today, I am grateful for Robert who is extremely knowledgable and kind, and for the many others who have helped me along the way.  

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