Chimney Rock Beach, Lake Tahoe
May, 2016 Photos by Denise Nomura

Since the beginning I’ve had an end in mind, to protect my children first and foremost, and at all costs. That has been my primary goal, my secondary goal has been to build a strong foundation for my future, so that I can financially support myself and my children regardless of what comes my way.

I’ve found my intuition through my journey invaluable, and I suggest anyone who is on a difficult path learn to allow their inner compass to guide them, but more than this, I’ve prayed daily since I was a child, sometimes I pray all day. I love to pray while I’m driving and I’ll ask my guardian angels to play me a song, and I’ll turn on the radio and get something hilarious like, “Jesus take the Wheel,” by Carrie Underwood, because God has a sense of humor. 

When I was a little girl on the farm and my own father died, I was comforted by my faith and that has been a guiding principal all of the days of my life.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve loosened my ties to the Catholic Church, but love anywhere that God lives, sometimes this is on my yoga mat in the Child’s Pose, or on a ski slope, or waking up next to one of my children with the cool predawn light on their skin, or serving food at a homeless shelter or petting my dog who is so beautifully made.  Of course sailboats and my beloved Lake Tahoe are full of nothing, but grace. 

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