I’m watching my miraculous life unfold now with a keen awareness that previously I didn’t know existed. 

Last night, I attended an event facilitated by a colleague of mine.  It was on the topic of Life and Career Transition and Mastering Change, sponsored by the Elevate Institute in Berkeley. During the discussion I talked about fear and how this holds many entrepreneurs back, then ironically when I went to leave I found my window smashed, and my purse stolen. 

I resisted the urge to cry my eyes out like a normal person, but instead called my adopted mom, Sandra Floyd who told me not to worry, it happens all the time. When I got home my kids stared at me in horror while I talked on the phone filing the police report and canceling credit cards. 

My younger daughter had wanted to practice driving, but it was late at night and we had a smashed window and glass everywhere, so she assumed that it would have to wait.

The discussion at the meeting also centered around perception and how we view life challenges.  In the spirit of this, I found my keys, and spent the rest of the night driving around with both of my teenage daughters laughing, and listening to music with all of the windows down. 

Today, I wondered was I teaching my daughter to drive, or was I teaching her to overcome adversity?  In this case, I believe the later.

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