Even though, I’ve been through so much over the last few months, I am grateful for my life.

I look at my healthy kids, and feel there is nothing more I could ever ask for that could bring me more joy and peace, and be such a blessing to me.  

Fortune has favored me in so many ways; with my family, many friends, work I love, my safe neighborhood and gracious home.  

But most of all, I am thankful for my good health.  I have always been someone who appreciated my body.  Even when I was a young girl I found my hands, and eyes and my physical abilities amazing.  I was a treeclimber when I was in grade school, then a sprinter and hurdler in highschool, and a skier and so much more. 

As I watch people I love struggle with illnesses, and after the sudden death of my husband to his undetected heart issue, my own good health is not lost on me. And I guard it and protect it daily. 

When my husband died I knew I had to take care of myself.  I needed to sleep, rest, pray, and exercise.  I walk my dog and my neighbors dogs, often on the same day, and spend sometimes two hours a day outside, and I notice the seasons and the beautiful Magnolia trees that line the streets of Moraga. I walk in the open space behind my house. I am so grateful and blessed for all of the beauty around me.

Yes, bad things happen sometimes, but the leaves fall and new leaves arrive in springtime. This is what we all learn.  We experience the seasons, and spring without fail arrives. 

Love and blessings to all. 





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