Machiavelli & Mastering Change

Central Valley, November 2016
Several years ago a friend of mine had to move abruptly to Chicago for her husband’s career.  She absolutely did not want to go, nor did her three children. But, I remember clearly her telling me that she had to be fine with it, because if “the mother” is fine, than the children will be fine.  This little nugget of wisdom helped me on numerous occasions when falling apart presented itself as a reasonable, if not entirely, predictable option. 

    From the beginning, I’ve been prepared to guard the wellbeing and mental health of my children at all costs.  I think of it as protecting the castle, and I’ve revisited the classic writings of Machiavelli in recent days to assist me in this effort.

    In Machiavellian fashion I will do anything and everything to ensure my daughters not only survive, but continue to thrive.

    And one of the components of mastering this type of change, as a mother to daughters, who predictabky imitate and emulate their mother, is to model flexibility and adaptability, and my own ability to tolerate anxiety and overcome adversity.  Therefore, it is crucial that I think of and address my own happiness and well being. 

    In fostering my own emotional stability and mental health I symbiotically care for my children, so in the face of adversity I’ve reached out to my many friends and colleagues, my two brilliant attorneys and accountant, and most recently I’ve hired a business coach, Bridgette. 

     “A wise prince should choose wise men for advisors, and allow only them the liberty of speaking the truth to the prince, and only on matters about which you ask, and nothing else. But you should question them about everything, listen patiently to their opinions, then form your own conclusions later.”

    – Machiavelli 

    Blessings and thanks to those who have helped me along the way. 

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