Gratitude Practice 


Paris and Siena, Truckee California December 2016
At the suggestion of my business coach Brigette, my littles and I have started a gratitude practice.  Every day we each write what we are most grateful for in our family and send it in a dedicated group text.

With the recent storms, including dramatic thunder and lightning, I’ve woken up with my daughters, and pets beside me. So the gratitude practice has included in many variations, my beautiful daughters, my pets, my white linen sheets and my ten down pillows.

When your family blows up like mine has, it’s important to ground yourself, and count your blessings. This is not what I expected my life to look like, but it is still, as my friend Rosalee would say, a very sweet life.

And I am enormously thankful for my children, my ten year love affair with my dog Polly who has comforted me in times of turmoil, and the more recent addition of the two matching cats, Dash and Jam, who are so beautifully made, that  they’ve made people who don’t like cats like cats. And then there’s the rabbit.

Last week, Buttercup was booked for a paid photo shoot for the Spring Men’s Warehouse catalog. She was extremely uncooperative, growling and biting everyone on set while we tried to get her to hop around an Easter basket, but redeemed herself later in adorable shots in the arms of the children models. This literally took all afternoon, and then I didn’t have time to take her home afterwards, so she sat in my lap in a board meeting for The Trident Project.  Needless to say, a bunny in a Yacht Club is quite a novelty.

So, this is my family now. It isn’t what I imagined, but nevertheless it is full of happiness and joy.

Blessings and love to all.


Best Friends Dash and Polly

Jam and Paris

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