The Many Forms of Love

My close friend Christina Wells shares the same birthday as my late mother, and she mothers me even though she is actually a few years younger than me. As a talented designer she is always taking me to estate sales in search of inspiration and to replace what she lovingly calls my “hideous compromise furniture” this consists of the pieces my late husband and I didn’t love, but didn’t hate.  He liked modern and I liked traditional. So, our home became an eclectic mixture of both. 

Slowly, I am buying new things that reflect my own style. A nautical theme has naturally ensued, however, on Saturday, there was a strange occurrence. Christina and I pulled up to a beautiful home with a stunningly maintained Japanese Garden. We met the two brothers who had grown up there, they are now selling the house and it’s contents. I was talking to them as they shared a sandwich. It was a homemade sandwich, and they passed it back and forth as they spoke in a loving and effortless way, it made such an impression on me, as a testimony of love, that I will never forget it.  

I expressed an interest in a beautiful Asian armoire.  They told me they wanted me to have it, and I came home later to find it on my doorstep. 

I can’t tell you how much I love it.  It is neither traditional nor modern and I have no idea what to do with it, but to me it represents a fresh start, and being neither traditional nor modern, it acts as a reminder and testimonial, of that third option, and love in its many forms. 

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