Synchronicities, Sunshine & Sailboats

A friend of mine gave me a pack of gum that said, “you are my sunshine” and for a long time it sat on my dresser, until it didn’t anymore. A year or so later, I was having a hellish day, one of those where you’re crying in the grocery store hoping you don’t run into anyone you know. At the checkout, I bought myself a hideous coffee mug, with the words, “you are my sunshine” on the side, and at the top around the rim it read, “sunshine heals” this was highly unusual since it was the sort of cup that I would have promptly given to Goodwill, as in my house, all my cups match and are always white and made in Portugal.

For a few days, I carried it around the house with me and drank out of it. One night, I texted Andrew about the boat we are buying, and asked him what the name of the boat was.

He texted back, Solana, which in Spanish means sunshine or the sunny side of the valley. I looked at the cup in my hand in stunned silence.

When my friend Tom Nemeth expressed concerns about the boat, Andrew and I entertained his reservations, but in the end we decided to take our chances.

A few days later, my daughter Siena gave me a coin she had made at school in her art class. Of course, it had an image of a sail boat and a giant sun.

Somethings are just meant to be.



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