Be A Problem Solver

As anyone who has lost a loved one knows, there are many problems inherent in picking up where someone else left off in their life.  My husband’s death was sudden, he appeared in perfect health and then he was gone.  Leaving no one to call and no one to ask. To make things trickier his laptop, wallet and laptop bag (where he kept documents), had inexplicably disappeared.  So, ordinary things, like bank account statements, credit card statements, bills, tax documents and so on remain missing.  Not to mention a fairly new laptop loaded with personal and financial information.  We had his phone, but not his passcode. 

Tracking down the name of the tax attorney, W-2’s, and unpaid bills was tedious and time consuming. Not to mention, a death certificate issued with the wrong birth date and no social security number, that took months (four to be exact) to amend, so it could be used to access bank accounts, life insurance and social security payments.  Looking back I understand why it’s taken me so long to clear the fog from my life. I was given a fairly complex puzzle to solve, it took time and effort, but I feel I’m finally thankfully out of the woods. 

My faith has sustained me, and many times, even though a problem appeared insurmountable, I was able to pray and find an elegant solution. Matters would then resolve easily, if I simply remained calm, and had faith.  I knew this before of course, and often used it in my business, but I had not really noticed it or understood fully exactly how it occured in the past. 

As an example, one day I had a jammed French door and a running toilet. I called a handy man to come and fix them and a few other things. The handy man told me I needed a new door and a new toilet tank as the parts were no longer available. I paid him for his time and and he left to give me an estimate on the tank and door. 

After he left, I peered into the tank and fixed the apparatus with a paper clip. Then, I took a fork and put it between the door and it’s casing and leveraged it up enough to unlock it.  I was then able to tighten the screws that allowed it to easily clear the casing.

The unnamed tax attorney called me one day, because he couldn’t reach my husband.  I’m still working on that problem, but that’s another post. 

As much as I’ve wished to be rescued, it’s been rewarding to handle things myself, and to teach my daughters that if you persevere you will succeed. 

Love and blessings to all. 

1 thought on “Be A Problem Solver

  1. Arlene Amaral May 3, 2017 — 7:31 pm

    Reading your post reminded me so much of Roger’s passing. Yes, I prayed and found solutions, but many times I went out into my garden and let mother nature calm me. I believe in the strength of women. Loving friends held me together when I was lost in sorrow and frustration. You are a wonderful woman Sydney, a treasure to everyone who knows you. You are in my prayers daily and always in my heart. Love you!

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