Mothers Day & The Charming Distractions or Never the Less Joy

Never the less, there is joy.  My charming distractions spent the entire day with me yesterday.  It was one of the happiest in many months.  I woke to the sound of pots and pans in the kitchen, then there were eggs, and a champaign flute full of green juice.  Then presents.  They both got in bed with me and fell back to sleep.  I got up, and wrote about my own mother, Home Again, that I posted yesterday.

We then went on a hike through the Moraga hills with Polly, our family dog, then to dinner at Prima in Walnut Creek.  Over dinner we talked about where we would live if we could live anywhere in the world.  I said, I would have an apartment in the city (San Francisco), a boat in Tiburon, and a farm house in Napa.  So now that I’ve set that intention, we will see what happens.  This is the way I’ve done things, I decide, and then work towards it.  I wanted an acre parcel with a pool in Lamorinda, I wanted a ski house in Tahoe, and now I want something new.

My girls would like to live in London and Paris, but I secretly hope one of them will come back and live in our house in Moraga to raise their family.  This is what many Morgans do, they venture off, and return to Moraga to raise their children.  It’s such a wonderful family town and I am so grateful for my time here.

We ended our beautiful day with a movie. I could not be more thankful for my life and charming children.

Love and blessings to all.

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