If I can write about, fear, grief and death, I suppose I can weigh in on another delicate topic – beauty.

When my daughters were little, I would tell them their beauty was an accident, and what was most important was what they would make of their lives.

In Junior High, and the age of social media, I would warn them, “your looks should be the least most interesting thing about you,” and I meant it.

Anyone who knows me can tell you, the way I look has nothing to do with who I am. Luckily, I’m naturally slim and I love clothes, so I don’t look like I spent 10 minutes, or less getting ready in the morning, but it’s true. It is more often then not the last thing, I think about. 

In college, and beyond it was a tradition for me to go white water rafting down the Dechutes River, in Southern Oregon, Memorial Day weekend. I would literally get on a raft wearing only a swim suit and old lace up canvas sneakers for three solid days. I would stash my tooth brush and car keys in the cooler in a zip lock bag, bringing no makeup, nor hair brush, or beach towel, the nights were so warm we slept on the river bank, without so much as a sleeping bag. I traveled through Europe for four months with only a 22 lb. backpack, full of mostly books. I am still this way. 

Now, my daughter, has an academic scholarship to one of the best Liberal Arts colleges in California. And anyone who spends 5 minutes with her notices her exterior slip away as she speaks. She is eloquent, humorous, and endlessly fascinating. 

If you have a daughter, please send the message early, and clearly, that no one who really matters, cares how you look, and what is found in your heart and mind, is where true beauty lies. And even better, this is beauty that never fades, but grows only more so over time. 

Love and blessings to all. 

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